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Video Game Showcase - Ghost Simulator

In a world with lush forests, towering cities, and volcanic islands, not everything is peaceful. Ghosts have invaded, and it’s up to you and your fellow hunters to stop them for good! Band together with your fellow hunters in Ghost Simulator and take down the powerful spirits who are wreaking havoc on the lands.

If you find the idea of ridding the world of ghosts daunting, don’t worry! Expert ghost hunters are scattered around each map to guide you and give quests, currency known as “Ecto-Tokens,” and the experience needed to level up your gear. As you advance, you’ll learn more about these hunters, their goals, and clues to piece together the story of the battle between Robloxians and ghosts. You’ll never be alone either! You can unlock a variety of pets, which offer different boosts and perks.

Just as you get comfortable vacuuming up the ghosts littered around the maps, something new begins…you feel the ground rumble, a puff of smoke rises from the earth, and every hunter races to this mysterious epicenter. A powerful and dangerous ghost boss has spawned! Join your fellow hunters and take part in the battle against this fearsome entity. Watch out for attacks from the boss and you’ll be rewarded with treasures and tokens for your help once it’s defeated.

While also providing a rich storyline, gameplay, and pets, Ghost Simulator offers new experiences and ways to connect with other players. By using the in-game trading system, you can receive the perfect equipment for your mission while also helping the other party get their dream gear.

If you’re up for discovering the deep lore behind Ghost Simulator, pay attention to BloxByte Games’ social media. Voice-acted clues and hints advance the narrative and provide a unique new layer to the game.

We look forward to seeing what else BloxByte Games has in store for Ghost Simulator!

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