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Sample Food Blog Introduction

So this is it, my first real food blog! I've started up silly little projects in the past, but this one I vow to take seriously. Unlike my plans to learn the saxophone, the Vietnamese language, or to move to France to become the male version of Julia Child, maybe I'll stick with this idea. Now that I've gotten way too deep, let me introduce myself:

My name's Tyler. I'm a guy who loves food, travel, and most importantly, cooking. I've been cooking for as long as I can remember, becoming a chef was even my childhood dream. Life changes your path a bit, and alas at 26 years old I am neither a chef nor interested in becoming one, but my love for the craft of cooking and desire for eating great food still lives within me as strong as ever.

People have asked me why I love to cook, and besides the obvious answer, "because food is good duh...", the process of turning a few (or lot of) ingredients into something completely different and beautiful is what I live for.

Now, I'm not some perfect Martha Stewart type cook who waves my magic wand in my pristine clean kitchen and serves up a gorgeous magazine-worthy meal. Sometimes I have my oven set on broil instead of bake and my Thanksgiving chocolate cake comes out looking like a charcoal brick. Sometimes I absent-mindedly pour boiling caramel into a glass bowl and shatter it all over the dining room floor (at least my scars have healed). Mistakes happen, and years of watching The French Chef has taught me that progress will never happen without accidents. After half of her potato pancake flies out of the skillet and onto her countertop, Julia Child says, "the only way you learn how to flip things is just to flip them", and that's why even the most complicated recipes are exciting for me.

Thanks for embarking on this delicious journey with me, I look forward to seeing where this blog is headed and what I'll do with it.

Until then, bon appetit.

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