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Thanks for checking out my website! Feel free to read over my bio, view my portfolios, and reach out! 

About me

Having worked in the fields of marketing and writing for nearly a decade, I'm excited to expand my horizons to the world of freelance photography. The art of photography has been a strong passion of mine ever since I started out with my first 20 megapixel point-and-shoot camera in 2008. Paired with a strong love for the culinary arts, my photography has been centered around documenting the dishes I've prepared. Over the years, the skills I've built in food photography have supported other types of photography such as flatlay and brand product photography for e-commerce, social media, and brand websites. While I'm based in New Mexico, I'm able to remotely shoot custom dishes or product images from my home studio in order to support the needs of clients no matter their location. 

My arsenal of equipment includes:

  • Nikon D850 full-frame camera with a range of Nikkor lenses

  • Adobe Lightroom for editing 

  • Professional Le Creuset and All-Clad cookware for cooking and shooting

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